Work on the winning Civic Budget projects is underway

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Brine graduation towers in the Ogrody and Stawki estates is the project that received the most votes, and its author is Joanna Pikus. The first to be put out to tender was the salt brine graduation tower in the Ogrody estate. The construction deadline is 270 days from the signing of the contract. The task will be implemented under the design and build system. A second tender for the Stawki estate will be issued in the coming days.  The second winning project in terms of the number of votes cast was the task proposed by Artur Zawadzki, and concerns the development of the area by the pond in Częstocice. Currently, a procedure has been announced for the development of project documentation for land development. The third project, which garnered significant interest from voters, is the Traffic Training Area in the Koszary estate. The details of the solutions were agreed upon with the proposer Monika Domagała and the City Councilor Stanisław Choinka. The traffic training area is to include a roundabout, an intersection, roadways with horizontal and vertical signs, pedestrian crossings, sidewalks, and a space for yard games. The project involves the preparation of an asphalt surface as well as street furniture: installation of traffic signs, bicycle racks, benches and trash bins. 

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